BrainBrowser Project- “find something like this”

BrainBrowser is your personal AI that searches the web and collects similar content.  Once you’ve created a complete set of Agents in BrainDocs for your domain, you’ll want to use them to search the web.  The BrainBrowser product concept allows you to get most of the same power and accuracy without bringing the content onto your own servers.

Instead of guessing at combinations of search words to find what you want, BrainBrowser extracts the words for you and collects results from the entire web or just the sites you’re interested in. It uses the Google or Bing Search APIs, but returns only the results that match your concept, no ads and no irrelevant pages of links to sort out.

You’ll find this useful for the following professional and academic research:

  • Competition Analysis: Put in a company page and find other companies in the same business
  • Recruiters: Do the same and find LinkedIn profiles based on industry, product, or other profiles
  • Bloggers: Put in your blog post and find other blogs like it
  • Sales Professionals: Enter the profile of your ideal prospect and find them on LinkedIn
  • Marketers: Put in a new client’s product page and find influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare and YouTube
  • Researchers: Enter your research abstract and find collaborators, academic and industry sources for your research.
  • Patent Attorneys: Enter an invention description and find patents and products across the web

BrainBrowser Agents are custom recommendation engines you control. You don’t have to stay inside the walls of LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and other sites to find the people, companies and content you need. This is your tool to escape the “internet filter bubbles”. It will save you time and will make you look like a research genius.

Searches can include the whole internet or limited to any website (i.e. PubMed, LinkedIn, etc).

This tool provides for extremely fast creation of a research corpus from the initial example.

BrainBrowser Architecture


The BrainBrowser product will be revamped late in 2016.  We are considering both integration with BrainDocs and launching as a stand alone product.  We love this little prototype but as always, the customer rules, so we’ll go through the customer discovery process and go where the data tells us.

If you have some ideas for this, want to develop and offer your own version or just sign up for the launch party, please let us know by signing up here.